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Fund Document Hosting

A flexible and simple solution for hosting your fund documents that will keep you compliant with the Summary Prospectus rule.

document hostingDocument Hosting

Accuracy and timeliness

The RightProspectus tool tracks SEC filings, and dynamically loads and updates documents in our proprietary and secure fund repository so you know only the most current prospectuses will be displayed.

Designed to meet regulatory requirements

Our solution comes with embedded features--such as navigation within two clicks from the summary to the prospectus, and the ability to order printed copies--that helps you meet the two-click rule requirements while adapting to your workflows.

Flexible service options

The document repository can send documents to your website or we can create and manage your repository and site for you. And we can include other related documents on the site such as fund fact sheets, intuitively organized to make access simpler and easier for your clients.

A better experience for you and your clients

Our user interface is configurable so it will match your look-and-feel, and because the application only presents issuer-branded PDFs instead of HTML, documents are ready-to-print and look better on screen— at no extra fee. The documents and data in the repository are fully accessible by you, your clients and business partners without restriction or limitation. This gives you more control and flexibility to print and distribute your documents using any provider you choose.

More than a fund document hosting solution: we've got your distribution covered too

RightProspectus can be integrated with your existing fulfillment ordering and print processes, and it is optimized for mobile access so users can connect directly from your tablet or smartphone.

RightProspectus® is a registered service mark of Donnelley Financial Solutions.

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Automatically tracks and hosts over 23,000 share classes of mutual funds, ETFs, variable annuity underlying funds and compliance documents.
Meets all the Summary Prospectus hosting requirements including the "Two-Click" rule and hosting all documents associated with a fund.
Integrated with ArcProspectus for streamlined solution
Meets requirements: RightProspectus meets all summary prospectus hosting requirements with less hassle
Stay in compliance: The most current SEC documents can be accessed, with up-to-date tracking information on what has been sent, received, and opened, documents can be retrieved in real-time or at scheduled intervals
Automation: Streamline compliance document distribution with integrated electronic and print capabilities

document hosting