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Financial Reports - ArcReporting

With the ArcReporting application our clients mitigate the risk associated with producing financial reports while improving their internal control structures through intuitive functionality such as embedded proofing, audit tracking, validation checks and exception-based reporting.

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The ArcReporting application is a simple yet powerful solution designed to manage the increasing challenges of producing shareholder reports, and the stress on your resources. This web-based tool conforms to global standards, handles complex data, connects the data across your documents, and delivers the stylized output you need.

Shared data, shared efficiencies

Now it's easy for you to upload data once for use across multiple documents and filings. Content and data are shared across the platform to make it easier for users to complete reports and simplify the entire data process. Users make central edits while the application dynamically updates the required content and data in the annual report, quarterly report, Schedule of Investments, Form N-SAR and Form N-MFP. You can output print or web ready PDFs, MSWord proofs, blacklined and EDGAR documents directly from the system eliminating the need for external composition and shortening your production cycle significantly.

User-focused tools and features help you solve today's reporting challenges

The ArcReporting platform was built on the expertise and experience of our market-leading fund-reporting technology and a focus on improving internal controls. Built-in and customized audit and exception based reports help you verify your data and further streamline your process.

And because it is a web-based application users can work anywhere and your company can avoid the overhead costs of an internal application.

Ready to support your ongoing needs

As the SEC continues to require more data more frequently, it makes sense to choose an application that has the right foundation in place so it can adapt rapidly. We have a proven track record in product investment and development and we will be ready to support the new Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN requirements.

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Improve consistency through re-use of data across documents through shared platform
Improved efficiency and create, update, manage, and go straight to typeset within one application
End to end control: Reduce time to create the full book by bringing other section owners into the system to manage their parts
Accepts multiple data import formats no matter what type of fund structure, including hedge fund reporting
Output print or web ready PDF, MSWord proofs, Blacklined and EDGAR documents
Configurable for varying reporting standards and global regulatory requirements