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Prospectus Creation - ArcPro

Use intuitive technology for consistency and accuracy, from prospectus creation to XBRL tagging to web hosting. The ArcPro self-service composition tool leverages shared content to make your document creation process more efficient and your prospectus and other regulatory documents more accurate.


Connect your Summary, Statutory and SAI and other similar documents through the ArcPro application, and easily create, manage, print and distribute your documents.

The ArcPro content management solution is easy-to-use and puts you in control. Your information is stored and managed in a central, online repository so disclosure and regulatory documents can be quickly and easily updated, reviewed and published for display on the web, for print, and for EDGAR HTML/XBRL submission.

Data and other assets can be re-used across all your documents eliminating errors and providing consistency across all your documents. Users edit content on their desktops using the Microsoft Office® tools that they are familiar with, and integrated workflow management and on-line collaboration tools make the process more efficient.

The application has robust automated composition capabilities including the creation of a fully-linked, SEC compliant Summary Prospectus. A dynamic charting tool automates performance graphic creation, and you can output fully typeset, print-ready, highly stylized PDFs in minutes from the application which connects directly to our web-hosting platform and prospectus printing platform.

Leverage shared content for easier XBRL

Interactive data files must be filed under 485(b) under the Securities Act and may also be required with a prospectus supplement under rule 497 if it contains a risk/return summary. To meet this requirement, in the ArcPro application XBRL tags are incorporated in the source content which is held in the system's central repository. This means they will automatically apply to every instance across documents resulting in data integrity, eliminating any repetitive tagging. Edits made to the source tags will dynamically populate. For greater efficiency, XBRL tags will be automatically carried forward year after year. Ongoing maintenance is minimal and XBRL is consistent, accurate and timely. Tags can be edited using a self-service tool. But because not everyone wants to tag, Donnelley Financial Solutions continues to offer full-service XBRL support as well as year one tagging so you can choose the option that is right for you.

The ArcPro application is not just for the prospectus. Clients are using it to produce Board Books, Proxy statements, fund facts for the Canadian market, adhering to SEDAR requirements, the PDS, as well as other global shareholder communications.

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Easy to use: users edit content on their desktops using Microsoft Office tools
Overcome disclosure drift through the reuse of content common content, graphics and tables
Workflow automation streamlines your review and approval process
Content editing and repurposing through shared content libraries
Automated publishing: Print ready, Web ready, EDGAR ready, and dynamic charting and graphics management
Integration with other Donnelley Financial Solutions applications: ArcReporting and RightProspectus document hosting solution