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Need a more efficient way to manage your marketing materials? Streamline the creation and management of your fund fact sheets, KIIDs, marketing materials and other template-based communications with the ArcMarketing application.


Fact sheets are a unique vehicle for providing fund information not found in other documents. Getting this information into your documents accurately and quickly across a large volume of fact sheets is still a challenge. Our marketing publishing solution is intuitive and web-based. It simplifies the creation, management, and distribution of your fund fact sheets and other template-based communications.

Users can instantly share content, incorporate new changes, and send sheets for approval, all from one convenient site. Content only needs to be entered once: information and edits can be applied to all documents, saving time and reducing errors. You can set up automatic data feeds and manage your own content, or simply outsource everything to Donnelley Financial Solutions. Fact sheets can be sent directly to your company website or to other web locations for dissemination.

Track and control:

Built in role permissions, audit trails, change history, and version control help you manage your documents more efficiently

Improved delivery:

With the ArcMarketing factsheet software your team can collaborate on, and approve documents with greater accuracy in less time. You can even choose whether to publish single documents or large batches directly from the system.

A Tool for Preparing Your KIID

The key information document disclosures for UCITS (KID) require the management of large volumes of documents that must be kept up-to-date throughout the year. Our solution can help you overcome the complexity of assembling, translating and distributing your KII documents. The ArcMarketing application automatically compiles data from external data sources, prompts you when updates are required and helps you make sure that every KIID is up-to-date and published per regulatory requirements. You can edit and validate your data and manage multiple KIIDs and translations in one interface.

With Donnelley Financial Solutions's KIID services you can:

  • Use Plain Language principals and design techniques to make KIIDs easier to read.
  • Easily edit, collaborate, approve, and publish KIIDs with our automated, web-based solution.
  • Automatically calculate and monitor the published SRRI value.
  • Store translated content in our library for re-use.
  • Access full support via a Project Manager and Implementation Team to help you at any time.
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Improve consistency by managing common elements in a central repository
Reduce the risk of error associated with the manual management of these processes
Improve the overall efficiency and timing of fact sheet production
Data and common elements managed in a central repository
High-volume, automated publishing and dynamic chart creation tools
Rapid foreign language support in over 180 languages with integrated translation services