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ArcFiling: N-CEN

Key Details on SEC Modernization and Form N-CEN

A complete SEC filing solution
Donnelley Financial Solutions offers ArcFiling, an end-to-end solution that automates the collection, creation, review and self-filing of Form N-CEN, built on FundSuiteArc, a self-service, web-based platform with sophisticated content sharing and collaboration tools.

ArcFiling N-MFP Report

ArcFiling has advanced validation tools such as audit tracking, exception-based reporting and user permissioning to provide transparency and control. The platform can share and store data and content for future re-use, which can be rolled forward to automatically populate new filings. ArcFiling is also integrated with the FundSuiteArc platform for the efficiency and consistency of data loading and sharing.

Built on Donnelley Financial SEC Expertise
Based on Donnelley Financial SEC experience, ArcFiling has embedded functionality specific to supporting N-CEN such as the automatic assembly and validation of Form N-CEN XML.

Donnelley Financial Solutions launched the leading Form N-MFP product under the ArcFiling name in 2010, meeting the needs of the market.

The combination of advanced functionality specific to N-CEN and the experience Donnelley Financial has in developing SEC filing tools make ArcFiling the most complete offering for meeting the N-CEN requirements. 

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ArcFiling N-CEN