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Helping clients find ways to improve process efficiency, reduce overall costs, and realize the potential of shareholder communications such as the fund prospectus, summary prospectus, annual report and semi-annual report .

We offer a comprehensive range of financial content distribution services including mail, e-delivery, web hosting and fulfillment, all integrated to help make sure that your communications are delivered on time.


Our e-delivery platform provides an easy and efficient way to manage your fund document distribution and prospectus e-delivery. You can host, deliver, and display documents electronically all in one simple user interface – and rely on our service team to provide whatever level of support you need along the way.

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Improve consent rates to reduce cost and enhance your client's experience through customized consent pages
Maintain compliance with system-generated reports
Configurable service models so you can manage the process as much, or as little, as you want.
Create, manage and launch email in one user interface
Delivery confirmation and automated bounceback management
Fully customizable platform that can integrate with external client systems

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With a focus on technology, quality control and speed we've developed a platform that enables us to meet the challenges of First Dollar prospectus delivery. Our scale enables us to fulfill millions of collated kits every year and bring new efficiency to fulfillment.

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Leverage technology to gain insight into the entire process and improve operational efficiencies
Reduce print costs through consolidating, standardizing, and converting to print-and fulfillment-on-demand
Reduce waste associated with print obsolescence
Last year we built more than 26 million kits with more than 178 million components
> 99% accuracy rate in all facilities
We operate more than 4 million square feet warehousing and fulfillment space
Fulfillment Benefits


Document HostingDocument Hosting

A flexible and simple solution for hosting your fund documents that will keep you compliant with the Summary Prospectus rule.

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Meets requirements: RightProspectus meets all summary prospectus hosting requirements with less hassle
Stay in compliance: The most current SEC documents can be accessed, with up-to-date tracking information on what has been sent, received, and opened, documents can be retrieved in real-time or at scheduled intervals
Automation: Streamline compliance document distribution with integrated electronic and print capabilities
Automatically tracks and hosts over 23,000 share classes of mutual funds, ETFs, variable annuity underlying funds and compliance documents.
Meets all the Summary Prospectus hosting requirements including the "Two-Click" rule and hosting all documents associated with a fund.
Integrated with ArcProspectus for streamlined solution

Document Hosting


The FundCompli shareholder communications platform is an easy way to send and track investor documents. The user interface is simple to use, lowers costs, brings transparency and efficiency to the process and provides compliance controls.

Learn more about the FundCompli platform here

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Gain greater control, accuracy and consistency in pre-sale and point-of-sale investor communications
Maximize electronic delivery consent rates by engaging client early in the relationship electronically
Reduces risk of noncompliance and lowers operating costs
Access to a comprehensive repository of all Mutual Funds and ETFs prospectuses.
Electronic or hard copy prospectus distribution based on client preference and consent
Upload other regulatory documents, marketing materials and other information to the same UI